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Getting ready… 2010/02/26

Posted by altsport in Hitchhiking.

Just got my Chinese visa and tomorrow I’ll be setting off at last. Getting all excited and nervous such as not to be able to sit still this last day at my workplace. So, here I’m writing probably the last thing from Lithuania before setting out. For now I’ll just post in simple manner some general things I researched or got ready as I did promise in my earlier trip anouncement.


Chinese visa (quick procedure in 3-4 work days, because of holidays)
Ferrino Lightent 1
Russian visa (normal procedure in 8-10 work days) + insurance
60+10 liters backpack and it’s cover
New pasport and ID card
Russia, SE Asia, Australia and New Zealand maps
Thermos, metal cup, multi-tool
MP3 player (got frauded in Elektromarkt supermarket – bought an empty package) – didn’t have further wish for one
Gas for gas stove
Neoprene socks
Cyclop headlight, socks, 2 cd for music in cars, sponge
Visa Virtuon
Yellow T-shirt, black spray paint, adhesive tape, thermometer
World atlas
Plaster, can for gritty food

All that got my resources down by 470€

Gear apart this:
Sleeping bag and mat
Gas stove
Tent sheet
Shaving utensils
Aluminum pot 0.5 liter
Mobile phone, USB
Digital photo camera
A bunch of AAA elements and a charger for them
Elastic rope

1 min ready oats
Halva bar
Broth pieces
Water 3 liters

Clothes on me:
Hiking boots
Cotton socks

Clothes in backpack:
Underwear x3
Socks x3
T-shirts x3
Light sweater
Light pants

Some major places to visit:
Russia (rocks north-east of Zlatoust, Krasnoyarsk poles – rocks, Baikal)
China (Great Wall, Huashan National Park – Mt.Huashan, Shaolin Temple, Guoliang Tunnel and Guoliangcun village, Buda in rock at Leshan)
Laos (Vang Vieng – cave exploring, tubing, Wat Phu Buddhist site, Bollaven Plateau Tat Fan waterfall)
Thailand (Bangkok – Kashan street, royale palace, Ayutthaya ruins, Kanchanaburi Death railway, Tiger temple)
Malaysia (Langkawi Sky bridge, shark-fooling, Temerin waterfall, Pahang National Park, Redang Island, Sekayu Waterfalls, Cemerung Waterfall, Pedas Hotsprings)
Singapore (Singapore Zoo, Sentosa Island, Singapore Flyer Observation Wheel)
Indonesia (Prambanan Temple in Central Java, Istiqlal Mosque, maybe Lake Toba)
Australia (Carnage lake, Great coral reef, Burketown trying to maybe see Morning glory clouds, Ayers Rock)
New Zealand (Fiordland National Park, Rotorua, Mt Cook National Park)

There will be some more on my way back, but that’s left  for future to plan. Used HospitalityClub.org a little and have some places to stay over in Russia (4), Malaysia (1), Indonesia (2). Somewhat disappointing is that any tries to find one in China were ignored. 

Argh,  anyway, these are one of the most exciting moments in my life just before the trip. I started packing my backpack yesterday and it seems there will be a major headache this evening. Well there will be one anyway, since I’ll be having a farewell party this evening as well as getting our VAK t-shirts done with black spray paint 😀


1. Vilius - 2010/02/26

That’s so cool, I hope you realize, that this is the journey of your life! So do not forget it when hard moments struck, afterwards there’s always a reward!

Best wishes!

PS. Recently I find it more easy to find a host on couchsurfing than hospitalityclub. Although you might need a trusted profile, but since believe that there are lot’s of friends already, so it should not be a big problem

2. Mindaugas - 2010/02/26

Good luck Andrej. Keep us informed!

3. :) - 2010/02/28

That is amazing! I’m really jealous of your inspiration. I hope that you will never forget this journey.

I visited West Sachara but because of lack of inspiration I didn’t visit Mauritania.

4. rrrrrrrr - 2010/03/13

Padaryk savo keliones aprasyma LT arba RU kalbomis jeigu tai imanoma, manu butu dar didesnis zmoniu susidomejimas!!! Aciu!!!

5. altsport - 2010/03/17

LT ar RU neapsimoka man, turint omeny, kad keliausiu labiau per anglu kalba snekancias salis. Patogiau taip nurodyt zmonem, kuriuos sutinku savo blogo adresa. Papildomai rasyt kita kalba uzima laika, kurio naudojantis internetu uzsienyje ner taip daug, o ir finansai kencia labiau 🙂

Anonymous - 2010/03/21

Grazi kelione, sekmes tau.
Pats ka tik grizau is metu klajoniu beveik ten pat – Rusija, Japonia, NZ.
NZ graziu vietu daug, Tongariro NP prie tavo saraso dar butinai prideciau.
Rasyk, jei turesi kokiu klausimu. Turiu nuotrauku ir pasakojimu (rusiskai) online cia: http://akiricenko.livejournal.com/

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