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Lofoten and the road back home 2012/09/01

Posted by altsport in Hitchhiking.
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On Sunday after staying for the night and having opportunity to blog I got ready all refreshed to continue to the next destination of the trip, which was Lofoten archipelago that I was advised to visit by Bernt. In afternoon I was dropped off at the opposite side of Alta to start hitchhiking. After a while I got a lift with a football player returning after a match. Next ride was the one Bernt promised I would have with his son Baro, who was going to Tromso that day. By that time he already had another passenger – hitchhiker from UK. We both got a lift until Nordkjosbotn. From there I quickly got two more lifts and was already at the footstep of Lofoten late that day.

Hitchhiking on Lofoten was on good part with other foreigner tourist traveling around that place. So far I saw several cars with Lithuanian licence plates. And then got one ride with Lithuanian, who was working around there as many Lithuanians do in North Norway. While hitchhiking through Lofoten I got to see a lot of nice sceneries of the many mountains and isles. When I got to Reine village, which I was advised to visit by Bernt I asked the driver if there was any place I could do some hiking and was told to go climb Reinebringen mountain just near the village. The climb was rather difficult, because of the steep slopes and their muddy surface, which was kept wet by the many rivulets. Still in about an hour I reached the top at 448 meters, where I was able to enjoy almost 360 degrees of the surrounding view full of nice mountains, fjords and villages bellow. It was a very rewarding sight for such a short hike.

After enjoying it all I turned back and after getting down started hitching again. While trying to get a lift in those villages seen bellow I got a very short lift for about 3 or 4 kilometers. It was the only time the driver didn’t know English, which is a common language to know in Norway and other Scandinavian countries. While hitching back from Lofoten that day I stopped by Rambergs and Scagsanden sandy beaches to get a good view of their scenery with the nearby mountains in the background. With another day of hitchhiking I was well on my way back home through Sweden with Polish truck driver. While getting a lift I also got the task of exterminating flies in his cabin on the way South 🙂 Next day with another ride in a truck with a Russian driver I got to Finland, where with a couple more rides I almost reached the South. I camped since it got dark and continued in the morning. After reaching Helsinki, which took me 2 days hitchhiking all the way from the North, I was stuck there for the day since there was no tickets for an earlier ferry going to Tallinn.

I spent that day just laying on the bench in a harbor, feeding birds and later used free internet access in the facilities near harbor terminal. After the ride on the same ferry that got me to Finland in the first place I got to Tallinn a little after midnight. Then I had to take a very long walk through Tallinn to reach the outskirts of the city. It took me almost 4 hours and at the end I only had a couple of hours to rest and sleep. Then a somewhat weird final day of hitchhiking began for me. It was a final day of Summer too, so some interesting symbolism there. After a couple rides I got to Parnu town, where I got a lift in a run-down truck, which later was breaking constantly. After enduring it for a while I got to hitchhike something else and seeing as many Lithuanian trucks were passing by me I made a little sign with the letters LT. Soon I got a lift with Lithuanian truck driver and his son, who was helping father on that trip to communicate with finish in English. So with that one ride I got the rid of the headache of dealing with the bypass of Riga in Latvia. But later there were other complications after crossing the border into Lithuania, where the road construction was underway and we lost an hour in all the hold-ups. Then the problem with slow combine-harvesters on two lane road, which were slowing down all the traffic for considerable amount of time. After getting another lift from the area close to Vilnius I was at home and done with my two week trip.

Some statistics as usual:

Vehicles used: 75

Distance traveled: 5800 km

Photos: link